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Substance in Pulp
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What I get up to when I'm bored as fuck 
6th-Oct-2016 09:38 pm - [sticky post]
So there I was.  A year ago.  I was trying to punch above my weight in a couple different arenas of my life and it left me in a waiting game.  I had time to myself.  Too much time.

I found something wrong on the internet.

I know, right?  But what to do?  Well for some reason, I decided I was going to fix this one.

Act I: The mad king

Here's how I explained people randomly banning people from established unique communities to someone who doesn't care about this stupid bullshit.

Imagine a mayor of a town.  This town has a population of 85,000 people.

Imagine that during the course of her mayor day, she just kills people randomly or if they said something they didn't like and no one ever saw them again.  If somehow they did come back from the grave, the mayor could summon the elder gods and have their souls banished from reality.

So what would people do?  They would speak in fear of consequences.  Dozens of things were deleted a day.  People would just vote down things they didn't like instead of talking to their neighbors.  A camp of angry rebels lurked outside the city gates ready to shell hypocrisy with shitposts.

This was the reality of a famous trash fire called r/seattle.

This state persisted for four to seven years depending on who you ask.  It was run by marketing execs, promoters, and dickweeds who abused tens of thousands of people and treating others like royalty.  Basically it was ljdrama all over again except in a geodefault on one of the bigger websites.

I noticed that no one had made a solid effort to fix this.  They would bitch to admins, but admins don't generally care and like to delete shit they arbitrarily don't like and ban whoever they want.

So after this cat annoyed me, I decided I was going to wreck his lame marketing cabal and liberate the people.

You can't just subvert a 80k population in an afternoon, so while everyone continued to point out their horrible hiprocacy and would eat popcorn while enjoying the latest tale of butthurt and dispair that everyone already knew about, I put together the next place.

I enlisted awesome people from the rebellion that wanted the same. We made it pretty.  We made it permissive.  We made it welcoming.

That was the easy part.

Act II: Teh lulz conquors all

We were ready.  Then the time came.

In a day where journalism is dead, the lulz becomes journalism; the search for truth and justice.  Also laughter is good for the soul, and my soul is buff as fukk right now with all those recent lolgainz.

An angry population.  A hated dictator.  A bunch of toadies making low effort posting and making promotional deals and sloppy about their opsec.  All the while posting stupid shit constantly for us to make fun of.

This should be easy.  How easy remained to be seen.

First you need an ops channel.  I made one and invited the rebel leaders.  Whatever they did, we would ruin by picking fun at it and then do one better.

The drama



















The counter attack:

8th-Oct-2016 06:24 am (UTC)
Nice job.
9th-Oct-2016 06:09 am (UTC)
Thanks, man.

It was nice to release so many people from opresshun.

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