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30th-Oct-2015 03:19 pm - 50 shades of virgin mormon kink

Most entertaining movie outing of the year; old men with whores, weirdos, and not much else in attendance.

I laughed and laughed.

18th-Jul-2015 11:55 am - Hugbox required for service
My whole career has been about doing things with technology.  When people tell me that I need permission, I usually tell them that they don't get it.

Use of technology isn't policy driven, it's based on what can be done.  The present colossal disconnect between how people would like to do business and run society while providing an open air bizarre for the trade of other peoples data has given birth to the greatest most efficient fraud market and trade in identity that mankind has ever seen.

Fixing this problem is hard, and people don't like to do hard work.  It would be much better if weak examples could be made instead of actually updating these gears of society to solve the problem correctly so that lawyers can get more money and data brokers can sell more data.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could just provide an easy solution to bad behavior, of any form really, by making everything you do accountable to your government ID and address.  Then, if they do something that someone else doesn't like on the internet, they can just come right to their house with a swat team and legal document servers. This is what everyone wants because it's easy and will require no work.

The latest avoidance in hard work is the safe spaces initiative.

This has been in the news lately because of reddit. I'll let the Taiwanese animators catch you up on its success.

It hasn't been going well:

On safe spaces, I'll say this:

Nobody knows you're a dog


There are no girls on the internet

Meet Rory / g+

So what gives people like Rory the right to dictate to me how I can use the internet as she did to me yesterday?

What bothered her so much about my liking something on crow's content stream and not talking to her for years that made her think that spewing weird gamergate trauma on one of my facebook pages where I post playstation achievements and collect invitations for BBQs was okay?

I would like to understand what has happened for her to pivot from inviting me to parties and talking about motorcycles to dropping hate speech on my profile feed and then report me for abuse. How would anyone find this to be acceptable behavior?

So I can't access the fb invite to my e-pals's new pad, but I shall find a way regardless.

Because technology.


Classy stuff.
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